Spoonful of Medicine

I am happy to report no known allergies but for some reason this year I have developed the sinus headaches, chest congestion and all around bleariness which can only be explained by seasonal allergies. This suddenly became clear to me when my mother diagnosed me (thanks Mom) over the phone. Her solution? Local honey.

The Bees-ness:
– Bees collect pollen all summer long from plants containing allergens and use it to create their honey.
– Small doses of honey {1 teaspoon} regularly will acclimate the body to the presence of these allergens. So in theory the reaction will be less severe.

This will not help you if you plan to travel outside your area since the allergens in the flora will be different. And eating honey in your travel destination won't have any immediate benefits since it works in small doses over time. Remember to start small at first and gauge your body's reaction. There is only a small concentration in each teaspoon so you shouldn't have a severe reaction but everyone is different so use your best judgement. Spoonful of honey!

{Photo from Burleson’s Honey}


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