Midsummer’s Bounty



Spoonful of Medicine

I am happy to report no known allergies but for some reason this year I have developed the sinus headaches, chest congestion and all around bleariness which can only be explained by seasonal allergies. This suddenly became clear to me when my mother diagnosed me (thanks Mom) over the phone. Her solution? Local honey.

The Bees-ness:
– Bees collect pollen all summer long from plants containing allergens and use it to create their honey.
– Small doses of honey {1 teaspoon} regularly will acclimate the body to the presence of these allergens. So in theory the reaction will be less severe.

This will not help you if you plan to travel outside your area since the allergens in the flora will be different. And eating honey in your travel destination won't have any immediate benefits since it works in small doses over time. Remember to start small at first and gauge your body's reaction. There is only a small concentration in each teaspoon so you shouldn't have a severe reaction but everyone is different so use your best judgement. Spoonful of honey!

{Photo from Burleson’s Honey}

Neon Grunge


Little DIY inspiration over the weekend. I found this pink hat and sewed a neon pom pom I had to the top. It was an extra from several garlands I made for a dear friend’s baby shower. Pics to come! There are lots of happy neon garments prancing around out there but for now I’m keeping it small and super casual. Can you say grunge meets Spring 2012 neon trend? Poser alert!

Speaking of posing…..this is what else looks good to me in day-glo.

Peak Your Pinterest

This may be a silly question but do you have a Pinterest page? Let’s talk boards and pins for a second just because. It’s fun and makes dream homes, organizing skillz, and delicious baked goods attainable. Not to mention how sometimes a simple search can lead to jaw dropping eye porn {sand art}.

NPR did a great piece on Pinterest and totally outed some addicts.

Mostly I try to keep all the pinning to a minimum, revisiting often because it’s all about pinning what you love and who doesn’t stare moonstruck at what they love? If it weren’t for all those pinheads out there I would never have discovered my newest love Minakani wallpaper.

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Winter Palette

Somber grey skies and cold winter winds are guiding my days. So I reach for soft, feminine layers and cozy knits. Blanket coats anyone? So for some somber cheer, here are a few snapshots of the brightest bits from this week!



{Floral design by Soulflower Design Studio}

Thank you August Empress for my beautiful new banner and background! I’m a little late getting the 411 but have made up for lost time by pasting August Empress designs all over my web space. I adore this blog about blogs for the color palette soothes my eyes and the sweet use of watercolor paints brings back happy childhood memories.

Check out August Empress and be sure to say thanks if you snag something for yourself! Leave a comment below if you do, I would love to see how everyone uses these pretty pretty prints.

Cheers to the start of a new week in the new year. Hip Hip……

Forward thinking

The last of the celebratory confetti has been blow away by winter winds. The weight of glorious weeks spent in a holidaze is felt and I am realizing there are only a few more months of bitter cold ahead. The thought of warm, rainy days is tempting. Pause for a moment, think of roasted nutmeg … Continue reading

Rockabilly Yacht Wedding

Hello there. Beginning with a small post of my first experience representing myself as a wedding vendor. Lucky for me it was the wedding of friends and former coworkers. (I used to sell pizza with the bride and groom! No lie!)

The ceremony and reception took place on a handsome yacht owned by Commodore Cruises that took us on a 4 hour cruise around the San Francisco Bay. The even handsomer couple were specifically going for a vintage rocker, Vegas-y themed wedding. Black, white and rockabilly decorated the yacht. I love it in contrast with the shiny brass and nauticalness of the setting.  Fun fact: the DJ was a 1950s housewife in kid gloves who spun 7 inch records with all the old hits. “Brand New Key” anyone? The groom painted 60 vases white and the bride collected all the wedding decor. She also chose all of the flowers herself at the San Francisco Flower Market.

The views were amazing and it was breathtaking to experience San Francisco aboard such a beautiful vessel. I want to thank Fred and Kristin for allowing me to be a part of their wedding day. It was over much too soon. I just hope they ask me to do the flowers for their 50th wedding anniversary.

For more photos please visit the photographer’s blog Becci Ames Photography.

{All photos courtesy of Becci Ames Photography}


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